List of prize winners for Home Produce, Floral, Crafts and Children’s Competitions

Section 1 – Preserves
Jar Marmalade – V. R. Morgan
Jar Strawberry Jam – Mrs. J. Morris
Lemon Curd – Carol James
Jar Raspberry Jam – Carol James
Jar Blackcurrant Jam – Carol James
Jar of Windfall Chutney – V. R. Morgan
Jar of Kidney Bean Chutney – Mrs. J. Morris

Section 2 – Cookery
Mediterranean Loaf of Bread – Mrs. J. Morris
5 Cheese Scones – Mrs. J. Morris
A Scone Base Pizza –
5 Shortbread Fingers – Helen Rule
5 Buffet Corned Beef Pasties – Mrs. Pamela Lewis
Boiled Fruit Cake – Barry Franks
5 Slices of Teisen Lap – Barry Franks
Chocolate Sponge – Charlotte Thomas
5 Welsh Cakes – Rose Jones
5 Shrewsbury Biscuits – Tim Dawe
Cottage Cheese and Walnut Tea Bread – Christine Dibble
Apple Tart – Janet Goldsworthy
A Decorated Birthday Cake – Helen Rule
5 Decorated Cup Cakes – Helen Rule
A Bakewell Tart – Julia Preece
5 Rock Cakes (Men Only) – Richard Ground

Section 3 – Flower Arrangements
An Arrangement All Foliage – Mary Grey
A Table Centre suitable for Queen’s Birthday Party – Mary Grey
Small is Beautiful – Mary Grey
An exhibit representing The Queen’s 90th Birthday – Betty Thomas
An exhibit depicting The Olympic Games – Mary Grey

Section 4 – Craft
A Door Stop – Colleen Atyeo
Bunting – Colleen Atyeo
A Celebration Card – K. M. Turner
A Tea Cosy – Mrs. Satherley
A Household Item made from recycled material – Colleen Atyeo
An Item of Fashion  Jewellery – Pamela Lewis
A Baby’s Bonnet (to be donated to a local premature baby unit) – Cathy Richards
A Table Lamp Base –
A Hat (any medium) – Tricia McLean

Section 5 – Art
Watercolour – Mrs. B. Dwek
Oil/Acrylic – Mrs. R. Donnelly
Drawing – Mrs. R. Donnelly
Pastels – Lucy Keen
Photograph “Happy Holidays” in colour – S. Oliver
Photograph “The Climate of Wales” in black and white – Jemima Jones

Section 6 – Children’s Classes
7 years and under
An animal made from an egg box or egg tray – Edward Jeynes
A painting/drawing of the Queen’s dogs – Edward Jeynes
A decorated Wellington Boot – Thomas Morgan

Age 8 – 11 years
A Vase of Paper Flowers – Thomas Payne
5 Queen of Hearts (5 jam tarts) – Michael Richards
A Crown made from Recycled Material – Mae Thomas

Age 12 – 16 years
Tie Dye (large handkerchief) – Hannah Robins
5 Slices of Millionaire Shortbread – Grace Thomas
A Scarecrow (max height 1m) – Grace Thomas

Chairman’s Cup Competition – Ann Hooper